Tips 2

Thank you for taking the time to read this “tutorial” on back pain.
This is  part of one part of a series originally written as part series originally
written for a newsletter course delivered over a 6 day period.  It isn’t
necessary to read the parts in order.  They work just fine individually.  In this
first part, I want to tell you a little about myself and what you can expect to
find out over the next few “writings.”

My name is Evan Davis, and I am a licensed massage therapist (State of
Iowa lic.# 03041) trained specifically to relieve musculoskeletal
and neuromuscular pain conditions. Musculoskeletal and
neurmuscular are big words thrown around in the massage and
bodywork fields meaning the relationship of the muscles to the
bones or skeletal system, and the relationship of the muscles to
the nerves, or nervous system.

There are many kinds of therapeutic bodywork, and my particular
discipline is shiatsu, which is a form of Japanese medical
massage similar to–but not the same as–acupressure. I trained at
the Shiatsu Clinic and School in Iowa City, Iowa under James Luth,
the creator of the syle known as Focused Touch Shiatsu. (Feel free
to do a web search under “James Luth” or “Focused Touch Shiatsu). I
trained in bodywork, specifically shiatsu, because I wanted to help
people with pain. As simple as that.